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First, I learned about hardship and commitment. As a cop walking the beat, I got my scars and earned my stripes. Then I learned how to brew beer. Better than anyone else – proved by more than one hundred awards in just five years. But I also learned a bit about defeat. Nothing is certain, and success can turn sour.

I’m grown now, forged in fire, wiser and stronger. Every twist and turn, every bit of toil, and all the epiphanies along the way have made me who I am.

More skilled than ever, with passion, pride, and love, I have crafted three new brews that surpass anything and everything, I have done before. For obvious reasons, I’ve named my brand The Man Behind, and I bring to the world the Best Beer Imaginable!

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TMB can beijing floating

A drop of golden sun.

The essence of beauty – bright and cool on a frost covered meadow at dawn. Flowery light as it dances through unfurling spring forests, emerald green and slightly bewitching. Refreshing as clear splashes of water, chilling sun kissed skin on endless July beaches.

Cheerful, inviting, exhilarating. Ready to quench thirst, launch festivities, set cities alight and let the games begin. Promising to put a smile on every lip, a glimmer in every eye and unfiltered cheer in any crowd.

Beijing Lager is a drop of golden sun.

Lager 5.0%


The subtle bite of hops when Berlin India Pale Ale hits your palate, immediately tells even the most reserved connoisseur that there’s a new brew in town.

IPA’s are slightly demanding beers. Their pungent flavors won’t melt into the background, they want your full attention. To achieve harmony between bitter notes and freshness is a test of the master brewer’s craftmanship. Berlin India Pale Ale with its perfect balance between drinkability and attitude, is a regular show of force from The Man Behind. The tingling sensation from thousands of tangy bubbles bursting on the tongue is nothing short of outstanding.

Berlin India Pale Ale goes down so smoothly yet leaves such a lasting impression.

IPA / India Pale Ale 5,8%

TMB can berlin floating
TMB can madrid floating

Russet flows this stream of intense, roasted flavors. It runs wild with chestnut and hazel and a honey touch at its very core.

An ale that warms heart and soul, on even the bleakest winter’s night. The color of autumn leaves blowing in the wind. Madrid Brown Ale lights a warm glow and sets the stage for good times at the pub, a toast over the fence or a precious moment of solitude and thought.

Enjoy with mature cheese, rustic dishes, hearty stews, or game. Or even better: in front of a roaring fire, listening to the storm raging outside, under blankets,
in good company…

Brown Ale 5,4%

The words that will ring in eternity:

Best beer imaginable

The Man Behind by Anders Coisbo

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